Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Proto 09 Paintball Gloves

New for 2009, the Proto 09 Paintball Gloves. Proto has done it again, they have produced a high end glove for a great price and made it even better. These gloves are loaded with great features which will make any paintballer's experience more enjoyable. Currently these gloves are only available in black.

One reoccurring theme for these gloves is ventilation. Throughout the gloves there are many features tailor-made to ensure the best possible ventilation and airflow. As every paintballer knows, you don't want to be soaking with sweat. The Proto 09 gloves also feature Lycra Gussets which provide tight fingers for more agile movement. Free range of movement is essential to shooting fast.

The padding on these gloves is very effective. In addition to internal padding added for protection and styling, the Proto 09 gloves feature a No-Seam Clarino palm which offers comfort and a more snug fit.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Empire 09 Contact Paintball Gloves

New for 2009, the Empire Contact paintball gloves. These gloves look and feel great. They come in 5 different colors one of which being white which not many other manufacturers offer. The first thing you will notice about these gloves is that the fingers are very light and free flowing. This is exactly what you want in paintball gloves. You want the protection of a glove while still being able to fire as fast as possible.

The next thing you will notice is the padding on the palm. They really put a lot of effort into keeping your palm safe and protected. Keep in mind that your palm is going to take the most amount of impact and abuse. Its constantly holding your gun and also takes all of the weight and vibrations when you slide into a bunker. That is why they reinforced the palm with a large section of kevlar padding. This will keep you playing all day long!

The top of the glove offers quite a bit of padding as well which is nice, it even goes all the way down the fingers. Another feature Empire was able to offer with these gloves is some venting. We all know that when you're running and playing hard, your hands are going to get sweaty. The venting is going to keep your hands breathing and prevent sweating as much as possible.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Planet Eclipse 09 Distortion Paintball Gloves

New for 2009, Planet Eclipse Distortion Paintball Gloves. These gloves are great! Planet Eclipse went above and beyond in creating the 09 Distortion paintball gloves. Not only are these gloves stylish but they are functional in every way! First off, these gloves have padding in all the right places.

The top of the gloves have heavy padding which is perfect because that is where you are going to get hit the most. The underside of the gloves are very light on padding minus the palm which has kevlar padding for heavy duty protection. The point of having the underside of the gloves light on padding is because you will rarely ever get hit there and we all know that if the glove is not light and flexible then you will not be able to shoot fast.

Another nice feature about these gloves is that they were able to incorporate a terry cloth thumb. The terry cloth thumb is perfect for wiping your goggles clean when you're on the field. Overall these gloves look amazing and have everything you could ever ask for on a glove. has all Planet Eclipse Distortion paintball gloves in stock, check them out now!