Monday, June 15, 2009

Invert Paintball Gloves

Invert 09 LTD Paintball Gloves: The 09 Invert LTD Paintball Gloves are top of the line. They are brand new for 2009 and offer great protection, style and performance and a fraction of the cost of other gloves. The 09 Invert LTD Gloves are very scarce and are limited to the quantities on hand. We have spared no expense in developing a state of the art paintball glove complete with protective Gel-knuckle pads, Kevlar palm padding, silicone palm printing & lycra hinged knuckles. If you want the best paintball glove available, you want the Invert Limited. These Gloves come in Black, Blue, and Red.
Invert 09 Prevail Paintball Gloves: Brand New for 2009 is our Invert Prevail line! The Prevail line is high-quality performance paintball wear. Invert Prevail takes an aggressive step forward in design with attitude and style. These gloves currently come in Black, Blue, and Red.

Dye Paintball Gloves

Dye Precision has a long paintball history and has made some of the best products to ever hit the paintball market. Their paintball mask and other products, such as clothing and shoes have been a huge hit. The success of these particular paintball accessories led them to produce some of the greatest paintball equipment on the market today. Dye currently produces two different types of gloves, the C7 gloves, and the 2008 Meta Gloves.

Dye C7 Paintball Gloves: Currently available in Gold and Grey.
  • Microinjection DYE logo with direct venting.
  • Compression formed neoprene body for superior protection.
  • Direct injection knuckle guards.
  • Anatomically correct finger position and cut pattern for superior comfort and longevity.
  • Durable hook and loop closure system.
  • Internally padded compression formed palm for added comfort and protection.
  • Vented, 4-way stretch gussets for circulation and comfort.
  • Internal Sensi-Touch fingers dramatically increase trigger sensitivity, resulting in a more responsive trigger finger.
  • Microfiber palm provides superior durability and a better overall sensation on the palm.
  • Crosshatch impregnated silicone patterned microfiber palm.
  • Stretch materials used at critical flex points ensure bind free movement during rapid trigger pulls.
Dye 2008 Meta Gloves: Currently available in Black and Olive Camo. One thing we do is listen to our professional players. The pros wanted a glove that wasn't a glove. They wanted all the protection of a glove, without the interference of having their fingers covered. By having your fingers covered, you actually loose agility and speed when rolling the trigger. Our new Meta Glove combines the best of both worlds. A lightweight, unhindered fingerless glove design that offers protection on the back of the hand and palm, and features a supportive wrist closure. The Meta Glove is like a second skin, so comfortable that you will almost forget you're wearing it at all.

Diablo Paintball Gloves

Diablo D13 Paintball Gloves:
Engineered for aggressive players and super heroes who like our brand. This mid-range glove offers incredible comfort, loads of protection, and can be coordinated with full D-13 line of apparel. These Gloves are availlable in Black and Blue

Diablo Formula 13 Paintball Gloves: Engineered for aggressive players and super heroes who like our brand. This glove offers incredible comfort & loads of protection. These gloves are available in black and red.

Diablo Heat Paintball Gloves:
Engineered for aggressive players and super heroes who like our brand. This glove offers incredible comfort & loads of protection. These gloves are available in blue, grey, and red.

Diablo Pro Paintball Gloves - Red: These gloves are ony available in red.

BT Paintball Gloves

BT has been known for their products for scenario and woodsball equipment. Currently they sell two different styles of Paintball Gloves. They have the Combat and the sniper Paintball gloves.
BT Combat Paintball Gloves - Woodland Digi Camo: The fingerless Combat glove combines breathable airprene padding and the half-finger design which gives you the best combination of protection, speed, and flexibility. A gel knuckle pad is sewn into the glove to give you unsurpassed protection where you need it. Terry cloth thumb material is great for getting rid of pesky smudges on your goggle lens.
BT Sniper Paintball Gloves - Black: The Sniper™ Glove is a streamlined, full-fingered glove with a flexible, breathable main body construction. They feature silicone printing on the palm and fingers that enhances your grip. The stealth color with subdued logos makes it the perfect glove for any mission.

32 Degrees Paintball Gloves

The 32 Degrees paitnball gloves currently come in three different styles. Each year they have improved their comfort and padding on the gloves to create more bounces. The three styles they currently have are the 32 Degrees Cyclone Paintball gloves, Grappler Piantball Glove, and the Paintbal Pro Paintball gloves. All the 32 Degrees paintball Gloves have the same description however some come in different colors. These gloves are as followed:

32 Degrees Paintball Gloves were made with you in mind. These gloves are full finger gloves so your whole hand is protected from all the debris on a paintball field. The 32 Degrees Paintball Gloves are a must in todays paintball scene, so you want to make sure you're getting the right ones.

32 Degrees Cyclone Paintball Gloves: These Gloves come in only one color and that is Grey (pictured to the left)

32 Degrees Grappler Paintball Gloves: 32 Degrees Paintball Gloves have been around for a long time and definitely know their products so don't hesitate when buying these gloves. This is a great price on these Great gloves. These gloves come in only one color, Blue.

32 Degress Paint pro Paintballl Gloves: These gloves come in a variety of colors, such as, Grey, yellow, and black.