Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Proto 09 Paintball Gloves

New for 2009, the Proto 09 Paintball Gloves. Proto has done it again, they have produced a high end glove for a great price and made it even better. These gloves are loaded with great features which will make any paintballer's experience more enjoyable. Currently these gloves are only available in black.

One reoccurring theme for these gloves is ventilation. Throughout the gloves there are many features tailor-made to ensure the best possible ventilation and airflow. As every paintballer knows, you don't want to be soaking with sweat. The Proto 09 gloves also feature Lycra Gussets which provide tight fingers for more agile movement. Free range of movement is essential to shooting fast.

The padding on these gloves is very effective. In addition to internal padding added for protection and styling, the Proto 09 gloves feature a No-Seam Clarino palm which offers comfort and a more snug fit.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Empire 09 Contact Paintball Gloves

New for 2009, the Empire Contact paintball gloves. These gloves look and feel great. They come in 5 different colors one of which being white which not many other manufacturers offer. The first thing you will notice about these gloves is that the fingers are very light and free flowing. This is exactly what you want in paintball gloves. You want the protection of a glove while still being able to fire as fast as possible.

The next thing you will notice is the padding on the palm. They really put a lot of effort into keeping your palm safe and protected. Keep in mind that your palm is going to take the most amount of impact and abuse. Its constantly holding your gun and also takes all of the weight and vibrations when you slide into a bunker. That is why they reinforced the palm with a large section of kevlar padding. This will keep you playing all day long!

The top of the glove offers quite a bit of padding as well which is nice, it even goes all the way down the fingers. Another feature Empire was able to offer with these gloves is some venting. We all know that when you're running and playing hard, your hands are going to get sweaty. The venting is going to keep your hands breathing and prevent sweating as much as possible.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Planet Eclipse 09 Distortion Paintball Gloves

New for 2009, Planet Eclipse Distortion Paintball Gloves. These gloves are great! Planet Eclipse went above and beyond in creating the 09 Distortion paintball gloves. Not only are these gloves stylish but they are functional in every way! First off, these gloves have padding in all the right places.

The top of the gloves have heavy padding which is perfect because that is where you are going to get hit the most. The underside of the gloves are very light on padding minus the palm which has kevlar padding for heavy duty protection. The point of having the underside of the gloves light on padding is because you will rarely ever get hit there and we all know that if the glove is not light and flexible then you will not be able to shoot fast.

Another nice feature about these gloves is that they were able to incorporate a terry cloth thumb. The terry cloth thumb is perfect for wiping your goggles clean when you're on the field. Overall these gloves look amazing and have everything you could ever ask for on a glove. has all Planet Eclipse Distortion paintball gloves in stock, check them out now!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dye Meta Gloves

Check out the new Dye Meta Gloves available at These gloves are a lot less expensive than the normal Dye Paintball Gloves and are just as protective. The only downside is the Dye Meta Gloves, do not have any added protection on the fingers. In paintball, most players cut the fingers off of their gloves anyways so they can feel the trigger better and let their hands breathe. Overall, these are some great paintball gloves.

Manufacturer Info

One thing we do is listen to our professional players. The pros wanted a glove that wasn't a glove. They wanted all the protection of a glove, without the interference of having their fingers covered. By having your fingers covered, you actually loose agility and speed when rolling the trigger. Our new Meta Glove combines the best of both worlds. A lightweight, unhindered fingerless glove design that offers protection on the back of the hand and palm, and features a supportive wrist closure. The Meta Glove is like a second skin, so comfortable that you will almost forget you're wearing it at all.

  • Fingerless Design - The design of the fingerless glove was developed to be snug, comfortable, light, and most of all, unrestrictive. It gives your fingers the freedom they need, while protecting your hand and wrist.
  • Compression Formed EVA Foam - The back of the hand is designed with compression formed EVA foam, at a height of 5mm. This foam offers padded protection for the back of your hand.
  • Direct Inject Logo - Direct inject DYE logo, so you can represent.
  • Micro Injection pull tab
  • Reinforced Palm - The palm is made with a heavy duty, scuff resistant material. This material helps protect your palm during slides. The seams are reinforced with interlock stitching.
  • Silicone Print - A portion of the palm features a silicone pad print for extra grip while holding your marker.
  • Hook and Loop Wrist Support - 2 Inch wide hook and loop closure for the wrist provides extra support, while keeping debris out of the glove.

Cheap Paintball Gloves

This is your spot to research some cheap paintball gloves. There are plenty of cheap paintball gloves on the market if only you knew where to look. My personal preference when shopping for cheap paintball gloves is to go HERE.

Just because a set of paintball gloves is cheap, it does not mean they are not a great quality pair of gloves. There are usually 3 reasons why you will be able to get a great pair of paintball gloves for a really, really, really good price. Most gloves are discounted heavily after the new year model is brought to market. Once the new glove comes out at regular price, you have to give your customer a reason to buy the "OLD Model". At this point you will usually see prices down about 30-40% from standard retail.

The second reason you will find so many paintball gloves is a basic overrun from the manufacturer. They know it will take them 10 years to sell all the stock they currently have, so they decide to put them on sale and get them moving.

Another common reason you will be able to get your cheap paintball gloves is because they are not in the most common sizes or common colors. You will be able to get the best deals on the colors and sizes which are least popular. The least popular color in paintball has always been yellow. Most companies dont make yellow gloves anymore, but you can still find some around. Yellow is most commonly followed by blue and red. You will hardly ever find some good sized black gloves. The older and cheaper the gloves are, the slimmer your picking for size will be. Most cheap gloves come in size XS, S and XL. You can sometimes get some good M or L size ones, but you will want to jump on them quick when you see them.

Overall, there are a ton of cheap paintball gloves for the taking starting at only $6.95. I would recommend starting your search at and looking at thier super sale section at the top of the last column.

Bt Sniper Gloves

This is the cheapest of new 09 gloves I have ever seen. They are the BT Sniper gloves are are available in all black. The gloves come in a variety of sizes and have great padding on the palms. The outside of the BT Sniper Gloves is a basic stretchable material which will keep a paintball from cutting your hands but will not do too much in terms of protection.

The Sniper™ Glove is a streamlined, full-fingered glove with a flexible, breathable main body construction. They feature silicone printing on the palm and fingers that enhances your grip. The stealth color with subdued logos makes it the perfect glove for any mission.

  • Silicone printing on palm for enhanced grip
  • Clarino™ palm
  • Stretch main body construction and elastic hook and loop wrist closure for custom fit
  • Reinforced palm pads for durability
  • Velcro™ logo wrist closures

BT Combat Paintball Gloves

These are the 2009 BT Combat paintball gloves. These cut finger gloves will keep your hands protected pretty well on the paintball field and will not break the bank. This version retails for about 19 bucks here which is a great deal.

Here is the official manufacturer description - The fingerless Combat glove combines breathable airprene padding and the half-finger design which gives you the best combination of protection, speed, and flexibility. A gel knuckle pad is sewn into the glove to give you unsurpassed protection where you need it. Terry cloth thumb material is great for getting rid of pesky smudges on your goggle lens.

  • Gel knuckle pads and palm padding
  • Silicone printed palm for enhanced grip
  • EZ Grip tabs aid in quick glove removal
  • Velcro™ logo wrist closures
Overall for the price these gloves are selling at, they will work great for either woodsball or speedball. We really like the precut fingers as most players cut off at least two fingers.