Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dye Meta Gloves

Check out the new Dye Meta Gloves available at These gloves are a lot less expensive than the normal Dye Paintball Gloves and are just as protective. The only downside is the Dye Meta Gloves, do not have any added protection on the fingers. In paintball, most players cut the fingers off of their gloves anyways so they can feel the trigger better and let their hands breathe. Overall, these are some great paintball gloves.

Manufacturer Info

One thing we do is listen to our professional players. The pros wanted a glove that wasn't a glove. They wanted all the protection of a glove, without the interference of having their fingers covered. By having your fingers covered, you actually loose agility and speed when rolling the trigger. Our new Meta Glove combines the best of both worlds. A lightweight, unhindered fingerless glove design that offers protection on the back of the hand and palm, and features a supportive wrist closure. The Meta Glove is like a second skin, so comfortable that you will almost forget you're wearing it at all.

  • Fingerless Design - The design of the fingerless glove was developed to be snug, comfortable, light, and most of all, unrestrictive. It gives your fingers the freedom they need, while protecting your hand and wrist.
  • Compression Formed EVA Foam - The back of the hand is designed with compression formed EVA foam, at a height of 5mm. This foam offers padded protection for the back of your hand.
  • Direct Inject Logo - Direct inject DYE logo, so you can represent.
  • Micro Injection pull tab
  • Reinforced Palm - The palm is made with a heavy duty, scuff resistant material. This material helps protect your palm during slides. The seams are reinforced with interlock stitching.
  • Silicone Print - A portion of the palm features a silicone pad print for extra grip while holding your marker.
  • Hook and Loop Wrist Support - 2 Inch wide hook and loop closure for the wrist provides extra support, while keeping debris out of the glove.


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