Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cheap Paintball Gloves

This is your spot to research some cheap paintball gloves. There are plenty of cheap paintball gloves on the market if only you knew where to look. My personal preference when shopping for cheap paintball gloves is to go HERE.

Just because a set of paintball gloves is cheap, it does not mean they are not a great quality pair of gloves. There are usually 3 reasons why you will be able to get a great pair of paintball gloves for a really, really, really good price. Most gloves are discounted heavily after the new year model is brought to market. Once the new glove comes out at regular price, you have to give your customer a reason to buy the "OLD Model". At this point you will usually see prices down about 30-40% from standard retail.

The second reason you will find so many paintball gloves is a basic overrun from the manufacturer. They know it will take them 10 years to sell all the stock they currently have, so they decide to put them on sale and get them moving.

Another common reason you will be able to get your cheap paintball gloves is because they are not in the most common sizes or common colors. You will be able to get the best deals on the colors and sizes which are least popular. The least popular color in paintball has always been yellow. Most companies dont make yellow gloves anymore, but you can still find some around. Yellow is most commonly followed by blue and red. You will hardly ever find some good sized black gloves. The older and cheaper the gloves are, the slimmer your picking for size will be. Most cheap gloves come in size XS, S and XL. You can sometimes get some good M or L size ones, but you will want to jump on them quick when you see them.

Overall, there are a ton of cheap paintball gloves for the taking starting at only $6.95. I would recommend starting your search at and looking at thier super sale section at the top of the last column.


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